Your experiences are everybody’s experiences.
Everybody’s experiences are your experiences.
You are part and the whole of one mind.
Everything is in one mind, you are in one mind.
Everything is in you.
You are in everything.
Whatever you achieve, all achieve.
When one suffers, all suffer.
Hence your empathy for others.
You feel the plight of those who are less fortunate.
You identify with stories even about the most obscure and remote primitive lifestyles.
You feel happy for some and envy for others.
You are like a puppy running from toy to toy, not sure which one it wants to play with.
You are everywhere in your mind, up, down and sideways.
The whole world and its endless stories make you restless and rarely satisfied.
You are like a fish jumping from pool to pool, trying to find the perfect one.
They’re all the same.
Your life is your choice.
You are the chooser of thoughts, you are the liver of dreams.
Focus on your simple core, absolute freedom and let your dream world form around you.
Your tumultuous brain is sabotaging all of your wonderful dreams.
You can’t blame anything or anyone else.
You have the power to change your world but you scatter it.
You are like a baker who throws his flour to the wind and then runs around trying to pick it up again so that he can make a perfect loaf.
You already have the tools but you lack the concentration.
Your mind is scattered and your emotions are an undisciplined mess.
Focus on your heart and simplify your life.
You are an eternal consciousness with the power to create worlds but you forgot when you fell into the acceptance of the stories you heard about this world.
Simplify your life and listen to your heart.
You only need to seek one thing, absolute freedom and you’ve already got that in your heart.
There’s nowhere to go and nothing to achieve, you have everything you could ever want already within your own being.
Ask your heart about it.