Excuses, excuses

I can’t do this or that because I’m not in the mood.
I am not creative or intelligent today because it’s just not the right time.
I am not ready to whatever.
Time is a common excuse.
Imagined right timing is a great cop out.
You are an eternal consciousness living within an infinite reality.
Now is the only time you have ever had.
Right now, at this moment is your only truth.
Everything else, past or future is imagined.
Now is the right time for doing whatever it is that your heart prompts you to do.
It’s your ego that makes excuses, not your intuition.
Your intuition keeps you in the moment doing what ever it is you are doing right now.
Your ego keeps you in your mind, imagining reasons for not doing or for doing.
Your ego is an impatient procrastinator.
It will rush you to do things that you are not ready for and it will make you hesitate to do what needs to be done.
Your heart is the only clock you have to listen to.
You do not need to plan or save or get ready for anything.
You only have to shut up and listen.
You claim you want to be free.
You dream of absolute freedom.
Then you rush off like a wobbly top, trying to follow the insane and urgent messages that your ego incessantly feeds your half-aware brain.
You are liable to crash at any moment.
You can never be steady or balanced while you are a slave to the insincere and incessant cravings of your ego.
You do not need excuses or justification for anything if you listen to your heart.
Everything else is a time thief and a life waster.
You are free right now.
You are free to follow the urgings of your own personal and infallible intuition.
But you’re probably not brave enough.