I think

How many times a day do you say ‘I’ ?
How often in a conversation do you refer back to yourself or to your opinions?
How often do you reply with ‘I know’?
How common is it to interrupt a conversation with ‘I think’ or ‘In my opinion’ or ‘I believe’?
Yet you really don’t think, nor do you have many original opinions nor do you really know anything much.
In your mind, you have built a fantasy persona about who you are.
Since birth, you have hitched onto other peoples ideas and hooked into big brothers dogma and now you sprout it as if it is your own.
You are an echo, a closed loop, a mimic and a clone.
You have very little that is personally yours.
Your life has been borrowed.
The voice of your intuition has been silenced.
It gets worse as you get older for you feel the need to fight to maintain your out-of-date ideas.
Society is in constant state of change.
Opinions and ideas today are outdated in a few short years, yet the stubborn ego clings to the past as if it was some sort of testimony to intelligence and wisdom.
Unless it comes from the heart of you, it has very little value.
Your ideas and the mindsets that they come from are simply propaganda and dogma from another form of religion.
Every sport, political party, corporation and fashion trend is just another mindless form of religious obedience.
I, I, I, your ego constantly calls out for recognition.
Yet almost every I,I,I betrays your personality.
It is a pointer that you are nothing more than a mindless clone.
Your intuitive self is unique and has no need to compete, to be seen or to be glorified.
Listen to it and take the pressure off yourself.