It doesn’t matter

Most of your life is spent doing meaningless and superficial nothings.
Most of your beliefs are shallow, borrowed and senseless.
Most of your worries are from imagination, trepidation and hesitation.
Most things don’t matter.
Most of what has happened to you is of very little value.
You are not some sort of ultra-significant cosmic wonder.
Nor are you interesting, intelligent and important.
You are nothing, most of your life is nothing.
You usually ignore your intuition, the only thing that is of true value.
You easily compromise your heart for a little ego glory.
Most things you do are meaningless.
Your only truth and only hope for happiness is in your heart.
You have spent most of your life in your head.
Your head is dumb, narrow-minded and untalented.
Your heart is eternal, infinite and unbound.
You can’t own your heart but you can fall into its ease and honesty, its naturalness and simplicity.
Let go of your personality, your character and your self-importance and become the peaceful, silent observer of the magnificent something that is ever at the heart of you.
Because most things in your life don’t really matter.