Most people

You are locked in a body.
This body is driven by a computer called a brain.
This computer should have free access to all knowledge, to your origins, to your own truth.
This body should be an experience, nothing else, just another adventure on the way to nowhere in particular.
Instead it has locked you down, imprisoned you and you are now convinced that that’s all you are.
You are more than a fleshy water bag in a difficult world.
You are an eternal consciousness.
You forgot because of your mental conditioning.
There are backdoors, secret exits and forgotten ways to remember.
They mostly involve drugs.
Shamans have always used drugs to enhance their awareness and to use this enhanced intelligence to guide their tribes.
Unfortunately with drugs, there is no education or freely available knowledge on how to avoid the disasters of addiction and the personality disorders that usually come with it.
Drug induced insights are responsible for most great works of genius and creativity.
Many artists, musicians and business people use drugs to excel in their chosen field.
It certainly seems unfair to those who are not willing to take these gate opening, mind expanding assistants.
Most of the world is propelled along by these people and their creative discoveries.
While the rest of us slip into the dull acceptance that we are ordinary, unimaginative and not as wonderful as these super people.
What’s the answer?
How can we, the boring ordinary folk understand and excel in this world without the risk that commonly available pharmaceuticals bring?
It’s simple.
Listen to your intuition.
It constantly leads you on to the realisation that you are the very essence of absolute freedom.
You can’t do better than this.
It’s too simple for most people.
Make sure that you are not ‘most’ people.
Dare to listen to your own heart.