No separation

I am not a mind thinking separate things into existence.
I am a mind that is connected to all things possible and selecting which of these possibilities I wish to experience.
I am not separate from this world.
I am projecting this world from within myself and seeing it on the screen of my mind, and so are you and you and you.
When I was born I built a body and a world according to what I believed.
And what I believe changes moment by moment, hence the changing scenario before me.
I cannot discount any other persons beliefs or experiences because that is their vision.
However, I don’t have to accept it as mine.
Just as I don’t have to believe all of the political garbage that pollutes this planet.
I can observe it but I should not serve it, it’s not my story.
My story is made up of remnants of my past that I haven’t been able to discard as yet.
My story ideally is the pleasant present moment.
When my beliefs play around that idea, the chains that bind me to this world begin to dissolve.
This is a prison planet but only because I currently believe it is so.
You are an awareness that has complete freedom of choice as to what you think about.
You have the absolute freedom to design any world, anywhere, at any time but you forgot so you are not very good at it.
Instead, you prefer to borrow the ideas from other minds, no matter how twisted and egocentric they are.
You are everything and you are linked to everything.
You are not separate, you are what you experience.
Your mind makes your world and so there is no separation.
Think about some of the many rigid beliefs you have and consider dissolving them.
You might surprise yourself and start remembering what you are.