Not prayer friendly

The thing that you pray to is not prayer-friendly.
The thing you ask for guidance is deaf to your emotional outbursts.
The thing you beg favours from does not have the power to grant your wishes.
It cannot hear you.
It does not work that way.
You are that thing you are asking special favours from.
You are the answer and the question.
You are the desire and the cause of wishes unfulfilled.
When you pray, you are trying to get past your own negativity to make something happen.
The fact that you are praying shows that your belief in the negative is greater than your belief in the positive.
Only your mind can create the positive outcome you seek.
Every time you beseech some hidden, fantasy power for assistance, you are spitting into the wind.
You are the cause of things that don’t happen, just as you are to blame for all that does happen.
You cannot go beyond yourself for help.
You are the beyond, the infinite unlimited, the one, the knowing, the answers and the ultimate cause and effect.
Your ego makes you believe that you are separate and something else.
Rubbish, your ego is the fool and your heart is your truth.
You are fooling yourself with your imaginative, fear-filled fantasies.
You are fooling yourself with your egotistical dreams.
Whatever you believe, manifests as a reality in your life.
It does not matter if you have a nuclear breakdown or an uncontrollable outburst against the whole cosmos, there is nobody that can help you but yourself.
It won’t help going to priests, psychologists, doctors or card readers.
They all have their own problems.
They are all as human and as fallible as you are.
They have no special or secret knowledge that is not available to you.
It’s all the same for every being.
You are the cause and you hold the potential to be the change.
Your mysterious gods and other-world powers are all delusional fantasies.
You are the answer.
It’s much simpler to blame everything else!