Nothing matters

What has value?
What is precious?
What is holy?
What is important or special?
Nothing, nothing and nothing.
Existence is a flash in the brightness of the eternal one mind.
It is a tic, a half hint, a quickly forgotten occurrence.
You are an eternal something, your physical life is a terminal nothing.
The illusion of time and self-importance comes from your willing immersion into real and possible situations.
Your interest in a situation does not mean that it is of value.
You choose to make something valuable by giving it focus.
Every thing and every situation has no value.
You invent importance and significance and seriousness.
The infinite eternal doesn’t give a damn and probably doesn’t even realise you even exist for the short moment that you do.
Existence is not at your call.
You can’t beg the infinite for help or wish that it would bend a situation to suit your egotistical wishes.
You are a moment of consciousness, stop making such a big deal of it.
You in this physical life are not important nor are you memorable.
Nothing matters, you made up all of the values that you think give life it’s meaning.
What is important or special?
Nothing, nothing and nothing.