Ping out

Ping and you are born.
Ping and you die.
Ping, ping, ping lives blink in and out of this reality endlessly.
Ping, ping, ping, that’s all this reality is, a series of brief self-imposed experiences occurring within an effortless and endless eternity.
All of your concerns and all of your beliefs all result in nothing but a ping when you die,
Instantly they mean nothing.
Your good deeds as well as your bad have no value.
Same with your mistakes and achievements, they all mean nothing to the endlessness of your awareness.
There is no judgement or retribution when you die.
There is no karma except you impose your stupid and superficial fears upon yourself through the repetition of your fear-ridden thoughts.
Your enemies as well as those you love are all equal at the end of the ping.
They are all awareness experiencing a brief ping of earthly consciousness.
Ping you are born, ping you die.
There’s no reason for pride or guilt.
There’s no need to feel regretful or successful.
You are not better or worse than anybody else.
Everything is equal.
Everything is just something happening during your brief ping into physical existence.
Most can’t escape the constant pinging in and out of this reality because they cling too tightly to their egotistical fantasies.
They make out as if everything that they experience is precious and special, instead of seeing the transience of it all.
Your life is nothing more than a ping, a spark, a tiny dent that leaves little impression upon the infinite something that you are.
Let go of the something special that you think you are.
Stop trying to impose your limited, archaic and dumb ideas on others.
Let them live their brief moment as they will.
Mind your own business and try and get your perspective together so that you can break the monotonous and boring cycle of physical life.
Ping out and stay out by simply no longer believing in your own self importance