Silly repetitive pattern

If you go on a holiday for a week and visit new and interesting places and then you come home, you are still the same person.
Whether your holiday is for one week or one year, you are still the same living pattern expressing itself as only it knows how.
You are still motivated and moved by the same things.
You still have your own hierarchy of beliefs and non-beliefs.
In other words you are yourself before, during and after a holiday.
You are always yourself.
Whether that self is a good self or a bad self is decided by the judgements of society that you have accepted as your reference.
You are born as a particular type of being and you have essential mental patterns that you will naturally and automatically follow.
They stay with you all of your days.
You repeat the same mistakes and the same false judgements.
You have much the same successes and much the same dreams and aspirations.
You are a pattern that repeats.
You call it life on planet earth but you are really a repetitious, closed loop that knows no other way.
At the end of your life, you have expressed this pattern maybe billions of times.
You express it in your thoughts in nanoseconds and in your life over tens of years.
You are a one-trick repeating pattern.
The stronger you believe in and cling to this pattern the more difficult it is for you to break the boring cycle of life and death.
You are born as the pattern and you die as the pattern because life is nothing more than a pattern of your mentality.
It is all in your mind.
It is not real.
You are not really this thing.
You have simply accepted it as you and then refined it to be tighter and tighter over endless dreary and repetitive lives.
You are something else.
You are all patterns but you forgot and you won’t remember for as long as you continue to believe in the importance of your own silly little pattern.