Simple reality

This world is actually a very simple reality.
You are born into an infinite number of choices.
You can have and be whatever you desire, simply by desiring it.
You get born, you think things and so your reality is created.
Unfortunately, you find this difficult to believe because as soon as you were born, you were indoctrinated into a reality created by the thoughts of others.
You were not given the opportunity to develop your own world, nor were you taught that you even have such capabilities.
This resulted in you building a world according to some other persons beliefs.
It’s not your world you are living in, it is a copy from other minds.
This earthly reality does not have to be an uncomfortable, complex nightmare.
You are living within crazy thoughts created by billions of minds that are really none of your business.
You belong in your own reality, in your own truth.
This planet is a simple reality but only if you wake up and remember.
And only if you stop worrying.
And stop living in fear.
And stop doubting your intuition.
It’s your universe.
You can observe the billions of others sharing it with you but their ideas don’t have to enslave you.
Listen to your heart, it’s your key to remembering your simple place in this simple reality.
You already know what you want, so all you need is patience while you wait for it to come about.
It’s simple but your doubts always complicate it.
Your acceptance of outside ideas has made an easy road into a tangled, impassable jungle.
The other world you see that is complicated, is beside you.
You can choose when you want to step in and be immersed in someone else’s ideas.
This world is a very simple reality.
Sit quietly and feel it into being.