Swimming in honey

If you claim things, then they will stick to you.
You can’t be free if you are covered with claims.
Instead of claiming responsibility for some action real or imagined, let it be and treat it as if it happened through you and not because of you.
You might claim responsibility for a good idea or a perfect solution.
You might claim to be a writer or a thinker or a smart dresser, whatever.
It makes no difference, claim is the reason you are smothered in heavy burdens that make your life difficult.
Your claimed past sticks to you just as much as your imagined claimed future.
Instead of tightly associating with everything that you do or have done, accept everything as it comes.
All things are equal but your snitching, snatching and grabbing little ego thinks otherwise.
It wants glory for everything from your very existence to your astonishingly good looks.
Life is very simple.
Listening to your ego makes it very complicated.
Instead of your head, listen to your heart.
Your true essence doesn’t lay ownership or claim on anything.
It just happens to be there while things happen around it.
That’s how it really is, but your mind has added masses of complicated extras that make everything seem difficult.
Your claims are sticky and they make your journey through life seem like you are swimming through honey.
It tastes good but it’s so hard to get anywhere.
It’s like being glued to the one spot and always trying urgently to move forward while licking an ice cream.
Be nothing and think nothing of everything for a change.
You don’t have to be always projecting your opinions on others.
In fact, you don’t even have to have opinions for most things in your life.
Just your ego thinks you do.
Instead of forever seeking approval and applause, be grey, be neutral, be an observer and let life happen in wonderful and new ways around you.
Lay claim to absolute freedom and nothing else.
Things will change for the better.
It’s all very simple.