Teachers are reminders

You are your world.
Your mind thinks and these thoughts impinge upon the quantum nothingness to bring change before your very eyes.
Your world is your mind.
You believe it into being.
You are an eternal strange something.
You are part of one mind which is all things.
You are all things, all memories of the past and all possibilities in the future.
You are happening right now everywhere at once.
Your awareness is mainly here, where you are because that’s the way you think reality works but it could be anywhere.
This is obvious in some of the exotic and other-worldly dream experiences every person has from time to time.
These strange experiences are true but cannot be grasped by the simple and limited human brain.
There is nothing you do not know and nothing that you are not aware of but you forgot and your mind does not believe it, so you remain ignorant.
You think life is about learning and being educated through different experiences but this is only because that’s what you were taught.
You are everything and everywhere, how can you learn anything?
You are everything.
You never learn, you remember.
Teaches don’t teach, they prompt you to remember.
Nobody teaches you a lesson, they simply remind you of something that you forgot.
There are no gurus or masters or wise men
They are all pompous egos imagining that they are changing you and the world through their wise and worldly ways.
Teachers are prompters.
Teachers are reminders.
Teachers think they are giving you new knowledge but this is impossible.
Teachers are fake.
You cannot learn something if you are everything.
The problem is that you forgot.
Teachers make you feel that you never knew.
Turn your back on these self-deluded fools and instead listen to your own heart.
If you don’t, you are probably acting like a self deluded fool yourself.