The good news

The good news is you did it all to yourself.
The good news is, it’s all your fault, the good things as well as the bad.
The good news is, you are responsible for every single aspect of your life.
The good news is, since you caused it, you can also stop it.
The good news is, since you created this messy world, you can also create a wonderland.
You are the sole cause of your existence.
Sure it’s fun to blame everybody and everything else but that’s just a pathetic excuse to avoid responsibility.
The good news is you are it.
You are the creator of your existence and you do it by thinking things and situations into reality.
Unfortunately, you mostly listened to others and ended up creating an uncomfortable world that is not suitable for your needs.
It’s not too late to change it.
Think about your situation and face the fact that it’s exactly as you expected it would be.
Of course it is, it is a product of your mind.
The good news is, there are no rules and you’re in charge.
Unless you start to make changes now, things will only get worse.
The good news is, you only have to change your mind to change your life.
And once you realise this, you cannot give up.
You cannot afford to be lax and fall into self pity because your thoughts never cease creating your tomorrow.
Hold to your ideals and don’t waver with your allegiance to your own truth.
You are the creator of your world, act like it!