The madness of conformity

Society is in a mad panic to conform to whatever is the latest perceived trend.
Perceived because trends aren’t always real, most are imagined.
The media bombard with advertising, misleading articles and false promises.
This helps create imagined trends.
Continually, you are being subtly denigrated by the media.
Constantly, it is implied that unless you follow the latest trend you will be left behind.
People end up believing that the only way to be accepted is to conform.
This bombardment of false values prompts the ego to rush out to join the masses in their mindless march to impotence.
Conformity takes away your humanness.
It is a demoralising, defeatist and debasing way of behaviour.
It makes a person a moron, a brainless robot, a village idiot.
However, it is only your ego that wants to conform.
Only your ego is stupid enough to believe the fashionable hype.
Your ego is a fragile and fickle impersonator of others ideas.
Your true self, your true heart, your intuition is a powerhouse of truth and confidence.
It does not need dress ups and pretense to help it through your life.
Your true self is the very essence of absolute freedom.
Your very self is the creator of your existence.
Your honest self is beyond compare.
It just is, nothing else.
It is eternal and all-knowing.
It is the original source and the true cause of being.
Conformity is dangerous and leads to an imprisoning of the heart.
Without your heart you are nothing more than egotistical nonsense.
Conforming makes you a blight on the horizon of humanity’s hopeful future.
But it is your choice.
It is always your choice as to which you will listen to, your unique and original heart or to your insane and conforming ego?