The obvious

The obvious is often ignored because it is ordinary.
It is assumed that the obvious is always understood and so it is often disregarded.
Many obvious things happen in your life that are not socially acceptable or even understandable.
These things are often conveniently overlooked because they make you feel uncomfortable.
Humans have a very strong need to conform to the group consciousness.
The weird and odd things that happen in life are usually dismissed as unimportant.
But, these obvious discrepancies in your belief system are important.
They are telling you that things are not as they seem.
They are telling you that your perception of life is wrong.
Stop ignoring the obvious.
Take a closer look at your amazing timing and unbelievable luck.
Take a closer look at the many personal coincidences that you don’t dare talk about.
They are obvious.
They mean something.
They are telling you that you are blind to the obvious.
You prefer to live in delusion.
You are only fooling yourself by pretending the obvious is not there.
If you’re putting on weight, look at the obvious reasons why.
If you’re always unlucky, there are reasons for it.
If you are always broke or sick or in trouble, look at the obvious reasons why.
Don’t blame the outside world and all of its trickery and falseness.
Take responsibility for your life.
Your problems are not impossible.
It’s not impossible, first you must find the courage to face the obvious.
Then the solution itself might become obvious.
Life is simple and if you take full responsibility for your life, your truth is obvious.
But that’s obviously not what you want to hear.
Simplicity is revealed in the obvious.