There’s no peace

Peace is what’s left when you remove your complications.
Peace is what you have when you remove the noise.
Peace is what remains when you stop rushing out of fear of missing out.
Peace is where you are when you live in simplicity.
There is no such thing as peace.
You are at peace when you are at simplicity.
Peace is mistaken as a separate state, but it is a feeling when you are immersed in the state of simplicity.
Simplicity is your natural and raw state.
From that point it is relatively easy to create any reality you think about.
You are currently heavily burdened by countless layers of beliefs that are not yours.
You don’t have to be like this, all you have to do is start simplifying and stop rationalising.
You are an eternal consciousness with absolute freedom.
It’s simple.
It’s peaceful and it’s natural.