Every person is a separate reality.
Every person lives in an alternative reality, alternative to yours.
This reality is a virtual reality.
It is far from being rigid.
This reality has more adventures and surprises than you could ever experience on any man-made machine.
You are surrounded by alien worlds, weird insects, strange animals and odd people.
There is more variety than you could ever discover.
Why the search for more fun, more pleasure, more wealth, more power, more madness…?
Everything is here but your mind is too closed to see or experience most of it.
There’s more than enough variety, more than enough craziness and more than enough twists and turns right here, right now before you.
It is your world.
It was created by your thoughts.
It is flexible, plastic and malleable.
It is expressive, creative and expansive.
It’s up to you how you use it.
Whatever you believe, is true.
Look around and it is obvious that you believe in all that you survey.
This doesn’t mean that you like it, it simply means that you believe in it.
Nothing is true except you believe it to be so.
Not even yourself is real if you decided to no longer believe in this world.
You are a consciousness and what you seek to see, you experience.
The quantum world is ever as flexible as your mind.
Un-believe if you don’t like what you are experiencing.
Un-believe you are uncomfortable in your world.
Un-believe if politics and big business makes you sick.
It’s your world, now start doing something responsible instead of feeling sorry for yourself.
You are a creator, not a victim.