You are a mirror

What happens if you stop doing things with others in mind?
What changes if you make decisions without ever thinking of what other people will say or do.
What would you stop doing if you thought nobody else would see the results of your efforts?
Life is largely ego-driven.
Constantly you are modifying your ideas and actions by worrying about what someone else will think.
Considering the imagined reactions of ‘others’ is a terrible dampener on your own truth.
Modifying your life to suit your fantasy public is causing you to continually make wrong decisions.
You are the world in front of you.
How crazy is it that you think you need to please those in your world when you are the very creator of that world?
Something needs to change.
You are standing in front of a mirror trying to get it to react differently to what you do.
There is no escape from your self and your mind.
Your mind thinks it and as a result, your self lives it.
You can’t impress anyone because you are everyone.
You shouldn’t be fooled by praise or applause because you are the cause and the reaction.
There’s no reason to be impressed by any of your talents or ideas, for that is what you have in your mind.
You can have anything in your mind, it’s your decision.
It all depends on what you choose to think about and believe.
Having an ability is not clever or amazing, it’s simply what you chose to have.
Your mind is your life.
What you think you are.
There’s no exception.
That’s the way this reality has been built.
You are forever free to believe whatever you will.
Whatever that is, will eventually manifest as a reality in your life.
You are a living example of absolute freedom.
Think it and then live it.
That’s absolute freedom.
If your head is so full of garbage that your thoughts are no longer clear, that’s your problem.
Clear it!
It’s your mind and as a consequence it is your reality.
Life is a mirror of your thoughts, nothing more or less.
There are no mitigating circumstances and no magic spiritual power that can save you from yourself.
You have absolute freedom of thought, take advantage of it.